Feature Request: QMAC Report. Allow Tag selection "Do NOT Include These Tags"

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Now I can get a list of any Transactions that include RedHouse OR BlueHouse by checking those tags.

Redhouse, Monthly
Redhouse, Annual
Bluehouse, Annual

But I cannot get a list of all Transactions that do NOT include Redhouse or BlueHouse. If I uncheck both I will still get 3 of those above because they include other tags.

Redhouse, Monthly
Redhouse, Annual
Bluehouse, Annual

We need a third option that builds a list of tags that will exclude any row that includes the tag, regardless of other tags.

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  • jacobs
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    There is currently nowhere in Quicken Mac that NOT operations can be specified. This comes up in requests for Payee renaming rules ("Home" NOT "Depot"), Search, and report criteria. Adding Boolean criteria would be very powerful in all these areas of the program, but the developers apparently feel it is too complicated for the simplicity they feel is more important for the majority of users.
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    Hello All,

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  • I have run into multiple situations where I have needed this functionality. Please keep this idea active.