Have Quicken correctly report Total Market Value of Margin investment accounts

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I have a managed investment account at TD Ameritrade (Advisor Client account) which allows trade transactions using margin. I have found that Quicken does not correctly report the Total Market Value of this account. The value reported by Quicken for the account is the total value of all the stock holdings. The negative cash value of the Margin account is not subtracted from the total value of the stock holdings.

I have used both Quicken for Mac and Quicken for Windows with the same results. After reviewing some online discussions of a similar issue, I configured my Quicken account at TDA to have an associated checking account. This did not resolve the issue.

For comparison, the investment aggregator at PersonalCapital.com and the investment aggregator used by my credit union both report the correct Total Market Value of my TD Ameritrade account. So, the information necessary regarding the negative cash margin value is available from the TD Ameritrade server.

I spent quite a bit of time online with a Quicken tech support person exploring how the Quicken account might be configured to deal correctly with the margin amount. In the end the only suggestion I was provided was to manually enter a negative cash value into the checking account in order to make the numbers come out right. Unfortunately I would have to continue to enter this amount manually since it would not automatically update with changes in the online margin account. This is obviously not an acceptable solution.

I do not know if the issue with margin accounts also appear at other financial institutions.

My suggestion for a Quicken “feature” is to make investment margin accounts report Total Market Value properly, similar to the way other online investment reporting services do.
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