print a spending account reconciliation

I admit I am a bit old school. When I reconcile a credit card and view the reconcile: xxx screen, I want to print it. I staple the printed receipt for my payment to the statement and the reconciliation. I want to print the reconcile screen. I currently use screen capture and print it. Why can't I just print the reconcile window from Quicken?
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    Did you know that there's a printable Reconciliation report available in Quicken?
    You can enable the setting "To run a reconcile report after reconcile" in Edit / Preferences / Notify. When done, you'll get a popup message after you finish reconciling your account.
    Try this report and see if it's useful for you.
    You can also select Reports Menu / Banking / Reconciliation any time you have a register view open.
    Please note that Quicken does not save the report's data as shown / printed in your data file. That means, you cannot reprint a reconciliation report from prior months. To be able to so, you'd have to save the printed report pages to a PDF file every time you reconcile and generate a new report.