Quicken writes invalid data to QUSER.INI

Just upgraded to R32 and Quicken refuses to restart with the same window size / position.

I poked around on the site and found some useful information on QUSER.INI. Through trial and error, I figured out that if there are any sizes / positions that are considered "invalid", Quicken just starts at some random place.

What I didn't expect was that Quicken itself is incorrectly modifying the QUSER.INI and making it unusable. Prior to starting Quicken, my QUSER.INI was:


All is good. Quicken starts with the correct size / location. Then, I 'X' out of Quicken [or File->Exit] and all of a sudden my QUSER.INI becomes:


Notice Left is a negative number? Quicken won't use it or even adjust it to be at least 0. Instead, Quicken now ignores all of the saved values.

How do I get Quicken to stop writing bad values to the QUSER.INI?


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    Well this is yet another bug caused by the fact that they have decided to create their own non standard main window frame and trying to deal with the complexity of sizing/positioning that window given all the different possible combinations, instead of using a standard main window and let the Windows libraries hand it.

    It has been reported before that in some cases Quicken's positioning of the main window is one pixel off.
    That is the -1 you see.

    Negative number in of themselves aren't "illegal" and Quicken does allow them.  For instance on my machine:

    There is two things to notice here.  First I have the window maximized so the "Top" should be zero, but it is one.  Clearly Quicken doesn't know how to exactly size/position its main window.

    The -1919 is because I have two displays.  The main display is on the right.  The numbers you see are in reference to the main display.  So every pixel on my left display is a negative number (horizontally).

    So for why when you have a negative number does the window come up randomly.
    Imagine if had Quicken on my left display before, and then disconnected that display.  Now if Quicken put the main window at -1919 it would be "displayed" off "screen" and I wouldn't see it.  This has happened to main people with dual displays like when using a laptop both with and without an external display.

    So what Quicken is doing is deciding that if the top left of the window is at a location that isn't valid for any of your displays, it switches back to letting Windows position the window and at a default size instead of telling Windows the exact position and size.

    You should use Help -> Report a Problem
    Give short description of the problems there, and I would suggest putting in the URL to this thread.

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