how can quicken enter the wrong payee for a memorized transaction?

This takes the cake. In addition to it hanging and making my account unreadable, forcing me to go to a backup from 2 weeks earlier, the backup is not quite identical to the original as of that point. For instance it suddenly found a reminder for a monthly bill dating back several years. But the worst? I entered an online payment for property taxes -- thousands of dollars. I scanned my register and noticed something Very Very Odd. The amount and date were right, but the payee wasn't Bernards Township -- it was Berkeley Heating. If I'd simply sent it, I could have paid my HVAC repair people my taxes -- and who knows when I'd even realize it.

It seems that my recorded reminder was "Bernards Township" along with a "note" but the note in the online payee list had vanished, so it didn't match -- and instead of an error, just picked the nearest entry.



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    Hello @Frisky070802

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    This type of issue can be difficult to isolate. I would recommend performing Memorized Payee Maintenance. You can remove payees by selecting any of the following actions:
    • Delete non-locked payees not used in the last 3 years 
    • Delete non-locked payees with no last-used dates 
    • Correct missing Types 

    To access the Memorized Payee List Maintenance feature: 

    1. Go to Tools > Memorized Payee List
    2. Click the Options dropdown, then select Memorized Payee List Maintenance.

    If all the items in the list are grayed out, this is because there are no payees in the data file that need to be deleted or corrected.

     I would also recommend running the Validate & Repair tool on the data file from the File menu > File Operations > Validate & Repair option.

    In the Validate File window that opens, click the top box to "validate file" and then click OK.

    When the validation completes, a data log will open in Notepad, please let us know if any errors or issues are found/repaired, and when ready close and re-open Quicken.

    -Quicken Tyka

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    Thank you for your response. It is true that running such maintenance, and also validating the file, can't hurt. That being said, it is inexcusable to take a memorized payee and for any reason whatsoever, turn it into a scheduled payment for a completely different payee. If it had some trouble matching against my current online payees, it should have popped up an error saying there was an inconsistency.