Express Connect vs. Direct Connect

My credit union (The Golden 1 Credit Union) just moved from Direct Connect to Express Connect, saying it was safer. Quicken is telling me Direct Connect is better and keeps wanting me to use that. It now says it downloads transactions from my CU but it's not. I am beyond frustrated trying to get this to work! I tried resetting the account and all it did was find random and mysterious deposits that are incorrect and now says I have way more money in my checking account than I actually do. It's downloading fine from another online bank I have so it has to be something between this CU and Quicken. Please help me!


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    Intuit continues to have difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect connection method for Quicken.  If you are not willing to accept the unreliability of this connection method, I suggest you use the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    My credit union no longer supports direct connect so I have no choice but to use Express Web Connect.
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    There was a post in another thread on this from the "GoldenAdminstrator" that as of the 16th they are shutting down Direct Connect.  So you have no choice to use it, it is Express Web Connect or nothing (or maybe Web Connect if they support it, downloading a QFX file an importing it).

    I definitely believe that Express Web Connect isn't more secure than Direct Connect.  They have different security processes, but Direct Connect can certainly be just as, maybe even more secure than Express Web Connect.

    But beyond a shadow of a doubt Direct Connect is much more reliable than Express Web Connect, and that is what you will find.  People are already complaining about using Express Web Connect to "The Golden 1 Credit Union".

    You can really bet this is more about money.  It is more costly to support Direct Connect, and Quicken users are a small percentage of any given financial institution.

    But to start in helping with what can be done, have you switched to Express Web Connect?
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    Yes I have switched to Express Web Connect in Quicken. That is when it stopped downloading transactions. Judging from other threads, this is a common problem and one that Quicken has not resolved.
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    If it's at all possible, find a different CU or bank to hold your accounts.  Golden 1's move is distinctly, and deliberately ANTI-CONSUMER.  I.E., VOTE WITH YOUR FEET.
    And when you close your accounts at G1, be sure to tell them why.
    I have, over the years, closed multiple accounts when they either downgraded the Q connection (which this is) or dropped Q entirely.
    Their line about EWC being "more secure" is the biggest pile of BS that I've heard in a LONG time.

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    Not safer, cheaper.  With Direct Connect, the FI's software has to be modified and maintained to provide the interface, with Express Web Connect, it is on the data aggregator (Intuit) to maintain the data feed.
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    @KarenL81 - I'm not going to beat this dead horse to death any more than it already has been.  So, let's see if there is something that can be done to fix the issue you are seeing.
    Would you please go to Account List and see what it says there for the connection method for your Golden 1 account)s) and what it says for the last download date and time?  (If you don't see the column showing the last download, click on the "Options" button one the bottom toward the left of the Account List screen and select that option.)
    If it says, Express Web Connect, that is good.  And if it accurately shows the last transactions date and time, that is good.
    Sometimes when switching connection methods quicken will enter transactions into the register that are duplicates of what was already there.  This is because the information that gets downloaded by the FI into Quicken via DC is sometimes different from what gets downloaded via EWC which can "fool" Quicken into thinking that the newly downloaded transactions are new and not previously downloaded.  So, take a close look at your register to see if there are duplicate transactions entered.  If you find any, the duplicates will need to be manually deleted.  With most FIs you should not need to look back more than 3 months but it might be something less or more than this because each FI determines how much historical data will be downloaded.  Once the duplicates have been deleted, does your account have and accurate balance?
    If, however, it still shows Direct Connect, then it could be that Quicken is still trying to connect via DC to a Golden 1 access point that has not yet been fully deactivated giving you some bad download or no download data.  (The FIDIR list has not yet been updated to remove DC service from Golden 1.)   If this is the case, then you will need to Deactivate the bank account from the Online Services tab of Account Details and make sure to remove the FI information from the upper right quadrant of the General tab (for all accounts you might have with Golden 1) before you try setting up the account again.  During the set up process, click on Advanced Options and make sure Express Web Connect is selected.  Then when Quicken prompts you, make sure the downloaded data is linked to your Golden 1 account(s).  And be sure to check afterward to see if any duplicate transactions have been downloaded that need to be deleted.
    Let me know if any of this helped resolve your issue.
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