Is it set on sync mode or OFF?

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After restoring a Quicken file to another PC, I wanted to double check my Sync setting, so I went to: Preferences> Mobile and Web and I looked at the screen where Sync is turned on or off and realized that illustration is not real clear to understand. With the black dot on toggle button on the left, next to the word "Sync" the illustration would leave you to believe that the toggle button is set to "Sync"! I think the illustration should be changed to: the word "Sync" above the toggle, then have the black button toggled to the left to the word "On" or the the right  for "OFF.  As it is now when the black button is on the left side next to "Sync" sync is actually OFF! What we don 't need is confusion in understanding this, and I wonder how many users misinterpreted what setting they had. After checking it myself I realized I better toggle it to try to understand it, so I have Sync set correctly. It really can be confusing!
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    That sounds to me like a very good suggestion for change.

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    Hello @TJ102,

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    I agree and was the first to vote  ;) ( @TJ102 you can vote for your own suggestion).
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    I personally think this is one of those things that should just be "Fixed", not wait to see it there's enough votes. New subscribers should be well informed and be able to depend on the fact that Quicken has all this figured out up front, and new users can easily understand and select the correct response up front, not wait to figure out what happened when something goes wrong, and where and how to fix it.
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  • q_lurker
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    it would be beneficial to me (and all users) by being a clearer presentation.

  • Jim_Harman
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    The text under the switch is clear about the current setting.

    This control works pretty much the same as switches in Windows settings and elsewhere: The caption to the left says what is selected when the switch is ON (moved to the right). The caption to the right gives the current state of the switch. If the switch is OFF (moved to the left) the caption on the right says OFF. It is somewhat confusing, but I think Quicken should work the same as Windows. In Windows, the background color of the switch is white (or I suppose the Windows background color) when the switch is OFF and changes to a different color when it is ON.

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  • UKR
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    Let's go do it. Every little bit helps.

  • splasher
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    This is confusing as is and needs to be cleaned up.

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    I see @Jim_Harman 's point. But there is always opportunity for improvement. As mentioned earlier, "Every little bit helps". This is a simple visual text change with no impact on functionality. Great suggestion and I too am up-voting this.

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