Monthly income reminders changed

I have 2 montlhy deposits set up in Quicken's Bill and Income Reminders. Today I noticed 1 income reminder is now showing 0.00 and the other is showing a negative amount. ????? I have Quicken version # R32.12, Build # on an updated version of Windows 10


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    Last month's deposits were properly recorded on due date as expected? Did you record other transactions using the same payee name that are not income?
    How are these reminders defined? Fixed amount / number of previous payments / other?
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    Are these reminders connected to Online Bills?
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    Last month's deposits were properly recorded. These 2 income reminders are each unique with no other transactions recorded using the names of either payee. They are both fixed amounts reflecting gross amount/taxes/after tax deductions, with the net payment added to my checking account. I only have to adjust them once a year for COLA and tax deduction adjustments. They've worked perfectly for years with no issues. It was only after the latest Quicken software update when I noticed these discrepancies. They are not connected to any online bills.

    I have since managed to fix them both. When I went into the "edit this and all future transactions" for both I noted all the information seemed to be entered correctly so I don't know why one was showing a net deposit of 0 and the other a net deposit of -$12.50. What I tried was just reentering all the same information again and click "done." That seemed to solve the problem. Both are now reflecting the correct net deposit. I'm just wondering if this issue was caused by the latest update or of something else might be going on that might impact some of my other data that I've yet to discover.
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    i'm also having this issue which seems to be a new one. unable to weigh in on previous questions once they answer and close comments.....
    The workaround above worked for me... reentered the same info in a memorized income that's beeen working fine for years. only thing i did differently was that i had to restore a backup recently after correcting some previously reconciled transactions (none related to the zero-d out income)
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