Multicurrency bug

A recent update for my Quicken 2017 to the latest version has an error in the program which has been confirmed by support. It relates to the currency prefix for each non-base currency account displayed under the Bills, Income and Transfer tab.

When entering an account in a non-base currency the correct prefix, $/£/€ etc, is displayed correctly under 'Banking' but when selecting any option under the Bills, Income & Transfers tab all entries are displayed showing only the base currency prefix for every account. This is not correct and certainly was not the case in Quicken 2017.

The response from support was that Quicken is not designed for use outside the US so this error is not a problem. As if not one single user in the US needs to use multiple currencies!

This error needs fixing - there must be others out there with the same problem. How do we go about it getting it changed?


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    Hello @tosalet,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue although, I apologize that you haven't received a response. 

    Are you able to provide a screenshot of the issue using the Windows Snipping Tool. To learn more about posting screenshots to the Community, please take a moment to review the information available here

    This will help me to recreate the issue to get this reported if neccessary.

     The more information you can provide regarding this issue will help the Community to better understand and assist. 

     Thank you, 

    -Quicken Tyka

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    Hi Tyka

    Thanks for your response. I have been using Quicken since it first came out mainly because it offered multi-currency accounting. I have no need for the online capability as I live outside the US so I was happily using 2017 until I lost the program due to a backup disk failure. Having been forced to acquire your latest version I was dismayed to discover that a fundamental (and necessary) feature that has always existed in every previous version was missing.

    I refer to the Bills, Income and Transfers presentation. Previously, all items that are displayed included the appropriate account showing the name of the account and, most importantly, the correct currency prefix so the account and currency can be identified. In the current version even though different currency accounts have been inserted and displayed with the correct currency prefix under the Banking tab, the display under the Bills tab shows only the base currency prefix for ALL accounts irrespective of their currency.

    It is such a simple but important feature that has always existed in every previous version that it is incredible that this flaw should not have been picked up by quality control.

    I leave it with you. As the new version is of no use to me I have obtained a refund and I might add that this entire episode resulted from your refusal to allow program downloads for previous versions which was all I needed.

    I attach screenshots which illustrate the problem.
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    Further to my previous response there are no editing options displayed on my browser (Chrome) so adding screenshots is not possible. However, you will easily be able to identify the problem by looking under the Bills tab.
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    Drag and drop the image file into your next comment ... that's what the instructions say. Keep posting a few more discussions or comments and eventually the community software will upgrade your profile to use a less restricted text editor.

    As to the bug you refer to, I seem to have the same issue. A scheduled reminder which executes in an account created with € - currency shows in the view with a $-sign instead of € (or better just the amount without any currency sign). Here's an example:
    This amount should show as -€5.39 or simply -5.39
    When executed in the €-account, it executes correctly as -€5.39
    My data file's Home Currency is US-$
    This problem has been mentioned before here in the Community, but apparently it hasn't gotten any traction with the programmers yet.
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