I am supremely frustrated trying to set up taxes on my invoices and track GST/HST on my expenses and get the GST/PST report working. I customized the invoice, selected Tax1, saved it to default and a custom invoice. It shows on Customize Form and Edit existing Invoice but will not save on existings or show on New Invoice. It's driving me crazy. 3 hours of a support call did not help.
I'm also trying to track GST paid. I set up an expense category, GST, itemized and invoice, and selected GST as a category in the GST/PST report; it doesn't show. Support has no ideas. I have to file April 30. Has anyone succeeded? Using Q Home & Business. Thanks.


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    In Help it always says "This feature requires Quicken Home & Business." My software is called that. Is it possible it's not active/registered/right? It's like tax reporting is turned off although I have an Sales Tax account (tracking to HST), an HST rate, ability to add AR accounts...
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    From what I've read here in the community, it's my understanding that the Canadian version of Quicken won't let you activate GST/PST/HST tax tracking in existing Customer and Vendor Invoices accounts that were originally created without tax tracking.
    After creating a backup of your Quicken data file, create new Customer and Vendor Invoices accounts. During the Add Account process you should be prompted for tax tracking.
    Please let us know if that works for you.
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    Thanks, but that didn't work. It's like business features are disabled. There is no tax tracking setting on add or edit A/R - Invoice accounts. When I customize the invoice, the tax appears, but on save it's gone.
    I've added an income category for tax and an expense category for tax and I'm manually splitting my deposits/payments. It took a day to fight with and set up this work around. Something is wrong with QH&B Canada R32.10.
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    I spent 4 hours on the phone with customer service and it still isn't working. Apparently the tech guys did a Canadian update that omitted the GST and HST on invoices. Very frustrating as invoicing is the reason I signed on. Reverting back to the previous version still didn't fix the problem. Please fix !
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