Not a Question, but a possible answer: BofA connectivity issues

Doug Member ✭✭
I, along with many others, have been unable to establish a connection through Quicken with my Bank of America credit card accounts. For quite a while, there was no problem, then it became impossible to connect. BofA said it was the fault of Quicken. Quicken said it was BofA. What else is new?!
After much gnashing of teeth, I'm now connected to BOTH Visa (BofA) accounts, and they're working in One Step Update. For what it's worth, here's what I did:
First, I deactivated both accounts. (They already were not working, I just made sure Quicken said they were deactivated.) Then, one at a time, I opened the register for each account. On the top right, I clicked on the "gear" icon, and clicked on the first choice, which was something like '"set up account now". I did NOT do this from the Accounts page! After I clicked on that choice, Quicken began trying to connect. It asked me for codes (which were sent to me by text), and it asked me to enter number/letter combos to prove I'm not a machine. It asked me this MANY times, and each time I did what it asked. After entering those codes and number/letter combinations a number of times, it succeeded in connecting and asked me to add/link the account. I linked it to the proper account in my Quicken. I did this for BOTH BofA credit cards. Eventually, both worked. When I did the One Step Update, all accounts worked as they should. So far, the BofA accounts still ask for a code entry (to be texted to me) prior to completing the download. When this happens, I just hit "Cancel", and the One Step Update proceeds as it should. I'm hoping if I "cancel" the code thing enough, it will eventually stop.
So ... there you have it. For the moment, my BofA accounts are connected and are downloading transactions as they should. Maybe I was just lucky, but hope some of you will be, too!