Suggestion - Find All, results window - live / redo

The Find All operation creates a Search Results window that can be minimized and restored. The transactions shown in the window are not 'live connected' to the registers the transactions are from. If I go into a register and delete a transaction that was found, that transaction is still shown in the Search Results! Clicking on the tx in the results window will take you to a different tx that was 'near' where the deleted one was.

Two things for Search Results:
- Make it 'live' (much like how a report can change when a transaction is modified or deleted), or
- Add a refresh button (re-do Search) if the 'make it live' feature is too hard a task for a multi-national corporation to implement.
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  • FlyerFran
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    If this suggestion it is referring to the Global Search window at the top right of the screen, an easy way to Refresh the search is to: make the change(s) and then click in the Global Search window (which still shows the last search) again - to do an updated search.