Is it possible to create a guest account for the web and restrict its access?

Is it possible to create a guest account for the web and restrict its access?


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    Hello @Naturalman

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. It's not possible to create a guest account but we might be able to find something to work around if you're able to give a few more details. Are you looking to sync a specific account or create a manual register for a family member? Depending on what you're doing we'll see what we can do to try getting you set up with something that can work with you.


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    I'm a member of an HOA in a senior community and we have one treasurer responsible for the finances. We don't share login privileges to maintain security. She recently stepped in when our previous treasurer had to step down due to Covid and does not have any experience with Quicken and little computer experience. She also is having family health issues and unable to spend a lot of time and is subject to being called away. Since this is the first budget to be set up, we need to update this year's bank transactions to align with the budget which is time consuming. I am helping by providing some support since I have a background in IT. I recently bought a copy of Quicken so I can learn the basics and have it set up for my bank accounts. We are setting up a budget and I could help with assigning categories for expenses and tracking them against the new budget. At a minimum if I had access to the bank transactions via Quicken on the web and could export them I could do this in Excel until we get up to speed. Better yet, if I could categorize expenses and run reports that would be even better. I don't need privileges to import bank accounts for the HOA or write checks.
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    Just to clarify a few thoughts....
    You have a Quicken Account ID - your email and password -
    and everything you touch in the Quicken world is related to that ID.
    Quicken stores all your data in a Quicken .QDF Data File ...
    and you can have just one, or several - like with MS Word and DOC files. 
    Lastly - you select which Quicken files and accounts within those Quicken files are made avail to the Web and App via Sync.
    So.... you could either setup a totally separate Quicken QDF file for the HOA,
    or if you want it embedded in your own file
    you can only select those HOA accounts to be made avail on the Quicken Web and App - and DON'T select your accts.
    Also - there could be another totally separate Quicken email ID established for the purchase of Quicken for the HOA, and just use that Quicken ID to access the desktop Quicken along with the related Quicken Web and App proxy files.

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    There is already a separate QDF file on the PC of the treasurer. I cannot have that userid and password. If I copy that file to my PC and try to open it, it will still required the treasurer's signin. So none of the suggestions will work. Quicken needs to be more collaborative in this day and age. :s
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