How do I stop Quicken from syncing my data to the cloud?

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Quicken Deluxe Version R32.12-Build Year Subscription renewed 4/22/21.
I don't want ANY Quicken data stored in the cloud: no data, no images, no files, no transactions. I DO NOT WANT ANY of my personal information I have entered in Quicken or any information I have downloaded from financial institutions stored in the cloud.
How do I stop this syncing to the cloud?


  • splasher
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    You get most of what you ask for by ensuring that Mobile is turned off in Edit->Preferences.
    NOTE:  If any of your accounts is set up for Express Web Connect downloads (look on Account List (Tools menu)), then you have some data in the "cloud".  See this article for an explanation on how the Quicken aggregator accesses your FI:
    Direct Connect and Web Connect are the only download methods that do NOT store any data in the cloud, even temporarily.

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