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I know this is a known issue having looked at previous questions asked, but will it ever be possible to add banking accounts to an asset allocation report? This would allow a one stop place to see true asset allocation including cash held across all accounts, both investment and banking
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  • Jim_Harman
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    As has probably been mentioned before, there are a couple of ways you can work around this

    1) For any cash accounts that you want to include in your asset allocation, you can go to the account details and on the Display tab, temporarily or permanently change the Account Intent to Investing or Retirement. This affects other program features too, so you may not want to make the change permanent.

    2) You can create a manual investing account and set the cash in the account equal to your cash account balances. To avoid double counting in your net worth, you can set the cash to zero or mark the account Separate when you are not looking at your allocations.

    Personally, I like to keep my spending balances separate from investing, so I don't include those balances in my asset allocation.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Update: after setting the account intent for a checking account to Investing, the account moved as expected and became available to be included in the asset allocation.

    When I moved the account intent back to Spending, it was removed from the account selection list on the Allocations page BUT its balance was still included in the allocation total. This  persisted after exiting and restarting Quicken. To clean up the allocation selection, I had to select All accounts.

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