Feature Request: Allow Negative After-Tax Deductions in Paycheck Entry UI

John Mollman
John Mollman Member ✭✭
Quicken Windows Subscription does not allow negative values to be entered as an After-Tax Deduction in the paycheck entry/editing UI. Attempting to do so results in "You don't need to enter a negative amount for a deduction. Quicken will handle it for you" dialog.

This prevents entering not-uncommon reimbursements and offsets like stock award taxes that are reflected in actual paystubs as negative deductions.

Common guidance to work around this is to enter as an earning without assigning a tax line to the entry. This, however, results in incorrect W2 gross calculations as the pseudo-earning is still included in W2 gross, which is incorrect.

Quicken should allow entering negative values as After-tax deductions and simply treat these as what they are: negative deductions.
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  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @John Mollman,

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  • Armenem
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    Same problem - correction to a deduction
  • NotACPA
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    Why not simply enter those as "Miscellaneous Income"?  Because the negative of a negative is a positive.
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  • Procopio
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    Same problem. I have a negative deduction on my paycheck and Quicken won't let me enter it.
  • I agree wtih John. Quicken should allow the negative (-) number in the "After-tax Deductions" and calculate it on the backend. Understand it's a postive number however, that is the location where the item is listed on the pay-stub. It would make it more "convenient" when validating pay-stub to paycheck registry in an itemized fashion.... thanks in advance for your consideration