Pay the same payee twice with QBM

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    I see the problem of receiving bills has been a long term problem. I've just missed a payment, again! because I was always getting and "Awaiting next bill" message in Bill Manager. I am, once again, upset with this new system that is demonstrably worse than the previous system. I've loved Quicken for decades since it has saved me double entry on my accounting. Another failing of this system in that I have more than one account in some systems, i. e. Chase. I have both a car loan, and a credit card. I can not pay both on the same day/processing cycle. This holds true for CITI also. I have been resorting to manual checks at times. I will now be re-exploring and balance my options with my bank's check pay system. This is a critical failure point in my view.
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    Hello @MMM13

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    Try using distinct Payee Names to distinguish between car loan and credit card payment.

    How to avoid late fees and penalty interest rates

    Are you about to be late with making your bill payment due to failures or unexpected delays in Quicken Bill Manager (Quick Pay or Check Pay) that can't be resolved in a timely fashion?
    I recommend you logon directly to the biller's website and authorize them to directly debit the next (and perhaps all future) payments from your checking account or a credit card. The biller will make an electronic debit on the due date and you don't have to worry about being late. In Quicken just record a scheduled reminder that does not execute as an online payment into your account register on or before the Due Date and before you download transactions from the bank or credit card containing the debit transaction. That will allow Quicken to match your register transaction to the downloaded data and not cause any further issues.

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    Thanks, pretty much what I did. However because I was trusting the [email protected]#$ system to present the bill, I missed that payment by a day. I do not like putting things on auto-payment. Perhaps that comes from handling my father's matters in his last years. Back when only a few things could be done that way. He was being dinged by auto-payments, renewals in particular, that I don't want much on auto. Also, I figure the more systems that have my accounts in long term memory the more likely a data breach will hurt me. The beauty of Quicken has been single entry bill payments AND bookkeeping from a standard place. Yes, since the new "improved" Bill system was implemented I have had to resort to doing direct transfers to billers too many times.

    I do have the accounts with different names, well somewhat, Bankx- Car, Bankx - CC. Does not resolve the paying 2 on the same day issue.

    Does Quicken use cookies to keep the address information? If so part of the issue of loosing Biller information maybe attributed to my security software's "cleaning" out cookies.

    This has caused Quicken to loose its luster for me. I am so open to another option should I find it.