Bulk upload of monthly account statements to each Quicken account having the same statement date

I extract my monthly statements from each of the financial instutions I use and then upload them into each of my tracked accounts in Quicken. The process of getting the actual statements from the institution web sites is time consuming enough. To get them into quicken, I have to go to each individual account, to to the attachments page (<ctrl>+<shift>+a), then select add, then complete the process for adding the statement to the account. Then I have to go to the next account and repeat. LOTS of extra mouse clicks. I'd really like to be able to go to an Accounts page and then select "bulk attachment upload". I can then select the same statement date (one time) for all the accounts. Then, for each account I can have a button to navigate to the file location of that individual statement. Finally, one OK click uploads all the statements into the individual account register with the same date. Since most of my account statements are the same date (usually last day of the month), this would save ton of steps each month.
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