Persistent State of Collapsed/Expanded SubCategories in Category Window

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I find myself incapable of quietly lamenting this annoyance any further ;-)

When I open the Category Window to edit something in my Chart of Accounts I am immediately confronted with the fully expanded list of every Category and SubCategory I have ever created. I then go about folding up Category header after Category header in an attempt to regain my sanity and see only my Top Level Categories whereabouts I can then visualize and focus in on the area I need to edit.

However, if I make even the slightest of changes, blammo, they all unfold and the madness ensues whereabouts I begrudgingly go through yet again to fold them all up. Repeat this over and over in order to make any substantial change and join me on the therapists couch a decade later ... heh.

It would be truly uplifting if the state of the Categories could be cached in some way as to make them persistent as to how I last left them.

If I could set the persistent state of my Categories to show only the top levels Categories until I manually unfold them to dig deeper into the associated SubCategories, I would be dizzy with delight.

For those who oppose my simplified vision and like the constant unfurling of all things organizational, an "Expand All/Collapse All" option would be fitting and forever appreciated.

Thank you~
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