Bill Reminders vs Bill Reminders vs ....

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Always stumbling across things browsing Quicken Q&A -
I have most of my Reminders entered - manual bills & manual income.
They show up just fine in each Register and the overall complete Calendar.
However... in reading another thread - I noticed there is a bottom sub-section to the Register where I am NOT seeing the Reminders, unless I actually create the Reminder on that sub-screen.
So - they show up "below the blue line" within the Register - but do NOT show up within the separate sub-screen for Reminders Due unless created on that screen ?
I created "Sally" within this Register sub-screen...
and it shows up everywhere, but not the reverse for all the rest of the Reminders ?
And here is the Register - with the blue line - for current vs future -

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  • Ps56k2
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    always stumbling around ..... think I figured it out -
    A - the Register blue line display is controlled by the Register Settings,
    and pulls Reminders as per those "future days" settings.
    B - the Register DUE list is controlled by each specific Reminder -
    and how many days ahead to appear in the "list" ... which is the DUE List sub-screen
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The register blue line is simply past vs. future transactions.
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    I seldom have Due reminders since I enter most about a week ahead of time.  My assumption is that they don't show up as Due unless there is a "remind me" set for some number of days ahead and you are in that period, or unless they are past due the date set for payment.  I typically only use that bottom of the register view for accepting downloaded transactions.
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  • Ps56k2
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    yeah.... I briefly was thinking that the Reminder DAYS setting was also part of the Register FUTURE setting & merged.
    just a quick thought - but wrong -
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