JP Morgan investments won't download, error OL-220-A

I too can't get my JP Morgan Investment accounts to download for awhile. The last downloads were 3/31/2021. I cleared all the previous downloaded transactions and balanced to 3/31/21. I tried to do the reset account, but that locks up and doesn't reset. I have to manually closed the program as I can't stop it, the reset window pop up is blank and clicking on the window X doesn't stop the reset it just goes on and is locked up. Once I reopen Quicken I can still download other banks, investments, etc. I am using Windows 10, 64 bit OS 19042.928. MY Quicken is R33.19, build My Quicken is current subscription type. I also tried to deactivate and then reactivate as a "new" download. I tried the JP Morgan actual login and the Quicken user logon that I have been using for many years. There does not seem to be a way to manually download transactions from the JP Morgan website unlike many other investment company and bank sites and they don't post a phone number to call them either! I just keep getting the Quicken Error OL-220-A and I stumped! I am a many year user. Some help would be good! PS the statements say JP Morgan, but the website link seems recently to point over to a Chase site then the JP Morgan logon and then to my accounts, so perhaps there is something there that I don't know about. I stumped, please help.


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    Hello @Susan Harris

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to ask your question although, I apologize that you have not received a response.

    If you have not done so already, can you please try to connect to "Chase Investments-New" as shown below?

    Are you able to connect or do you receive any error messages? Please let me know!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • Susan Harris
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    Hello: I finally got JP Morgan on the phone and my investments are with JP Morgan - New, Not Chase-New. However Quicken is not connecting to JP Morgan -New. I have verified my identity on the secure website messages (at JP Morgan) so that is not what is keeping my Quicken from connecting to JP Morgan. The JP Morgan representative feels that the issue is on the Quicken side. We tried setting up a new Quicken file and tried to add the account and it would not get any further than trying to handshake and then an OL-220-B error. Thus I still can not get my accounts reconnected  to JP Morgan. My other investment companies are fine.
  • Susan Harris
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    Update as of 5/12/2021: I have resolved this issue through trial and error as the correct Quicken choice for JP Morgan is: Chase Investment-New. Many of the provided choices when trying to connect don't have any server address so it goes no where. JP Morgan Investments-New (as advised by JP Morgan tech) in Quicken has no server address written into the Quicken program so it does not connect to anything. This would have been the correct choice to use to reconnect if it did have the proper Quicken programming.

    Here is how to solve the problem of now longer being able to Direct Connect for download through Quicken to JP Morgan Wealth Management:
    1. Deactivate all JP Morgan direct connect accounts you have (in your account list).
    2. Choose "Add a New Account" (you will be able to change it later to add it to your existing records in Quicken)
    3. Do not try to use the Chase icon or just Chase. Type in Chase and then choose Chase Investment-New. That is the only one I found to work as I tried everything I could!
    4. Quicken will go to JP Morgan server and you should get a box asking you to verify your Id (if needed). It will direct you to log on to the JP Morgan website and get the message in their Secure Messages. Logon on your browser using your regular JP Morgan user name and password. Go to Secure message and open the new message.
    5. You will click on the link in the Secure Message and the next step will be to type in the code JP Morgan gives you to put in the Quicken open box.
    6. Next step will also have JP Morgan sending you a verify code to connect, which you will need to get by following the directions and then typing that code into the Quicken box.
    7. Then it should connect to JP Morgan and look for your accounts there. You will be using your regular JP Morgan user ID and password. The previous Quicken only JP Morgan username is obsolete.
    8. Once Quicken finds your accounts(s) at JP Morgan it will have a box to add a new account. Don't click on that if you already have an account(s) in Quicken. Drop down that box and choose to associate with your existing Quicken account records.
    9. It will now bring down current transactions. You may find that there is a gap between you previous downloads from JP Morgan accounts in your Quicken. You will have to manually add any missing transactions. This would not have occurred if Quicken had the web address for JP Morgan Investments-New.
    Quicken and JP Morgan programmers need to communicate better with each other as somewhere along the line when JP Morgan changed where they host their accounts the information didn't get into Quicken. I am not blaming either of them, it is just a fact that there some blank web server address in Quicken where you choose to connect to JP Morgan and/or Chase accounts for direct connect. Quicken has to connect before it can get your data. This was not happening and I could see the ones with web address and ones without once I knew what was going wrong. Chase and JP Morgan are related to each other and Chase has clearly reprogrammed JP Morgan web servers under Try it if you have a JP Morgan logons. Type in your browser and a logon screen comes up. Put in your JP Morgan ID and password and you will see the address box in your browser will have a chase address, but the page that opens is the opening page of JP Morgan.

    I hope that Quicken will check their side of this problem and update their JP Morgan addresses. I have also talked with JP Morgan about this issue. Good Luck to all.
  • andyf123
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    I had exactly the same issue and it worked once I moved to Chase Investment New
  • andyf123
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    I also had the same problem initially as Susan Harris described " I tried to do the reset account, but that locks up and doesn't reset. I have to manually closed the program as I can't stop it, the reset window pop up is blank and clicking on the window X doesn't stop the reset it just goes on and is locked up. " This is clearly a bug and Quicken should fix it. The program should never lock up.
  • Susan Harris
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    Yes AndyF123, that is where I started too. Yes, Quicken has choices for multiple JP Morgan accounts that no longer have a server address in the Quicken Program so when you try to use it, Quicken can't connect to anything. When JP Morgan changed their servers to Chase ones, the Quicken program tried to connect and couldn't get to the correct JP Morgan investment server(s). I too tried the reset and it went round and round and I had to manually closed the program using the Task Manager. Here is where Quicken has also fallen down, they continue to offer account options that go no where. Thus trying any Investment name with JP Morgan in the name to connect to wouldn't work. Finally concluding that even though JP Morgan told me to use JP Morgan Investment-New, that didn't work. The community responder, Quicken_Tyka,had answered me to use Chase Investment-New and once I tried it, I was able to reset up my accounts with JP Morgan Investments! Quicken needs to address this problem and find out why they are offering non-working server choices in their program. Time for a Patch!!
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