Quicken mobile account balances don’t match ones on my laptop. Accounts are synced.

Quicken mobile account balances don’t match ones on my laptop. Accounts are synced.


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Lonestar3759,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community to tell us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    If you don't mind, we will need some additional information in order to better assist you further.

    Could you please tell us which Desktop version of Quicken you have currently running?
    • WindowsHelp > About Quicken
    • MacQuicken > About Quicken

    Please, check back and let us know! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
  • urbanadave
    urbanadave Member
    I was about to post an identical comment. I'm not sure if I have a different issue or not, but this just happened this morning. I see the discrepancy in both mobile and online apps, while desktop is fine.

    I use Quicken Mac.

    Earlier this month I did an online transfer of funds from my checking to a savings account. I entered it into Quicken as a single transfer transaction. However, it took a number of days for the transfer to happen, so my checking account showed the withdrawal several days before the savings account.

    When the deposit showed up in savings (synced from my bank), the desktop version treated it as a separate deposit, which of course threw the account balance way off, but I simply deleted the downloaded transaction and marked the manually entered one as reconciled, and all was fine. The account balance is correct.

    Unfortunately, the mobile app also added the duplicate deposit, and again I simply deleted it. But in that case the balance wasn't adjusted; it still acts as if there were two deposits, even though it doesn't show the transaction. The balances are off all of the way back to 2017, the oldest transactions that the mobile app shows (even though there are much older transactions in the desktop).

    When the duplicate transaction was still there, Quicken Mobile thought I had a huge income bump this month. After removing the duplicate transaction the bogus income is gone, but still the bank balance is wrong.

    How can I fix this?
  • MichaelTEck
    MichaelTEck Member
    I'm having a similar problem will almost all my balances in the mobile app. Everything is perfect in Quicken for Windows (R33.19, Build I worked to correct the data in two accounts where transactions are disappearing and then reappearing days later and I can't get it straightened-out. I've cleared my cloud data a number of times, but it seems like nothing ever changes. I also tried disabling the syncing of the affected accounts, waiting a day, and then adding them back to mobile, but that was a complete waste of time as that did nothing to solve any of my issues.

    At this time, I'm hoping I see that something is fixed in a future release of Quicken. Until then, I do not trust the mobile sync at all. I fear it's going to corrupt my local Quicken database and I don't have the patience to deal with that.
  • MichaelTEck
    MichaelTEck Member
    I just read through a number of other posts and this seem to be a common problem. The suggestion from Quicken is to create a new cloud dataset.
  • MichaelTEck
    MichaelTEck Member
    Here is the suggestion:

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize in the issue you're having. I'm wondering here if we might be able to fix the issue by deleting the dataset and remaking it. Note to do this you'll need to be in a different file from your main one in order to do this. I'll leave an article down below explaining how to do so.


    Once you've had the chance to try this let us know how you're able to get the sync working properly. Let us know once you get the chance to try.
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