No Longer can use Quicken 2017

I know Quicken 2017 is no longer supported and downloading of quotes and transactions will not work, but up until Friday, I have been able to access my data and manually enter transactions. Starting Friday, when I start Quicken it pops up a window wanting me to Log in, which it never did before. When I enter my email and password, the pop up window pretty much goes all white, but some text at the top says success. At that point it seems to hang. I have to end the task in Task Manager. My data is still there, because I can Validate it, before I try Logging on, Quicken just won't let me see it.

I am used to getting pop ups when I start Quicken with offers to upgrade, but in the past I could just close that pop up and get my Quicken screen back.  Anyone else having this problem.