Is the Mac version still being developed?

The most recent update to the Mac version, 6.1.1 as of 2021-05-11, dropped in February…nearly 4 months ago. Meanwhile the Windows version has had monthly updates continuously with multiple updates in some months,

It seems that since the major release of version 6.0 late last year there has been very little attention given to the Mac version.

Do you plan to continue developing this application? I really enjoy using this product however If it isn’t going to be developed,I may need to begrudgingly seek another personal finance solution.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Randall, you're not talking to Quicken management here; it's mostly just fellow users. But I can assure you that development of Quicken Mac is ongoing. 

    I would not equate the frequency of releases with "little attention given". (The 6.1 release included reconciliation history, a feature users have been asking for for years and which was in development for a roughly a year, based on some comments they made.) While the next 6.2 release is likely coming sometime soon, there are undoubtedly developers working on features for version 6.3, version 6.4 and beyond. Some releases are as few as 6 weeks apart, some are 8-10; this next one is unusually long (currently 14 weeks as of now). But what's in an update and when it gets released depends on many factors, from the complexity to sometimes finding unexpected problems which take awhile to fix; sometimes it's syncing features with Quicken Windows and/or Quicken mobile. If you read about last week's Quicken Windows update, it seems Quicken has been making some under-the-hood changes to improve problematic connectivity issues; it would be reasonable to guess those Quicken Windows changes will soon be mirrored by a corresponding Quicken Mac release.

    There are hundreds of enhancement requests on the developers' list, so there's no shortage of work to be done -- and there's no indication that management has curtailed development of Quicken Mac.
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