Revive Quicken 2007 for Mac so we can have the same features using Mac OS 11.3 Big Sur

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You have the skill - - you need the will! "Ka-Ching". Graphing. 2-line register.
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Quicken 2007 for Mac has been discontinued and there are no plans to bring back support for this product.


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    @PFM  I'm a fellow Quicken user, so don't shoot the messenger… Quicken 2007 is built on very obsolete software technology. It uses programming tools which are no longer supported, a database that is no longer supported, graphics libraries which no longer exist in macOS, etc.  Quicken 2007 was great for its day, but there is no way to "revive" it for modern macOS.

    Instead, Quicken has spent many years building an all-new replacement Quicken Mac to work on current and future Apple technologies. No one could argue that every detail of Quicken 2007 has been re-created in the current Quicken Mac, but a very substantial amount of the functionality has. And there's a long list of enhancement requests to add additional features that the developers are working their way through over time.

    I'm a longtime Quicken Mac user, going back to the early 1990s, and I held out using Quicken 2007 for a long time because of missing functionality in the early iterations of modern Quicken Mac, but as the new program was steadily improved, I finally made the jump to the current program and I've been very pleased with its usability for my needs, as well as the ongoing releases of new features. But we all use different features in Quicken, so I'm not saying that what's good enough for me is good enough to meet your needs.

    You can help add your input on what features are most needed by adding your votes and comments to the Idea posts on this forum, which the developers use to help guide the priority of which features get tackled before others, and how those features are eventually implemented.

    You mentioned two specific issues, and there are existing Idea posts you can vote on and comment on for each of them:

    Add option for 2-line/row display in Quicken For Mac
    Scroll down a little until you see the yellow box for voting, and click the little arrow to add your vote. Then add a comment to explain way this functionality would be important to you. The developers are not moved by comments to simply "make it like Quicken 2007", but they are interested in how and why the current registers in Quicken Mac don't meet the needs of users. I didn't like the 1-line register display initially because it was different from what I had used for two decades, but over time -- it definitely takes some retaining of the brain and muscle memory -- I've actually come to prefer the registers in the modern Quicken to the old registers in Quicken 2007. But if you've been using modern Quicken Mac and find shortcomings versus the old two line interface, explain how/why the 2-line display would work better for you.

    Add graphs to reports
    The developers have been focused over the past few years on building a new reports engine for modern Quicken Mac and adding features to the reports. Add your vote, and add a comment explaining why a chart is something you consider an important addition to the current text-based reports. 

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    Though not for everyone, and there are caveats, the other way to "revive" QM2007 is to run it in a VM:

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