Any Quicken Mac update coming soon?

Quicken for Mac has not been updated in quite a while even though there are several areas that could be improved such as the speed (it is slow) to load the database and back it up. Any plans?


  • jacobs
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    @Craig in ER  Development of Quicken Mac is always ongoing. I agree that it's been atypically long since the last update, but I'd expect a new release in the not-too-distant future. They are typically roughly two months apart, plus or minus a couple weeks, but sometimes completion of a feature or testing and fixing bugs can make the cycle run longer. Or sometimes, a new release has to be coordinated with updates from the separate development teams for Quicken Windows and/or Quicken mobile. And Quicken will never say what features they're working on for the next or other future releases, at least in part because plans change and features sometimes get pulled/pushed back. (I'm a beta tester, and while I'm prohibited from sharing any information from the beta testing here, I will say we never know when a release is finalized and going to be released.)

    That said, you expressed an interest in speed of launching Quicken and making backups. I haven't seen many posts recently about these particular areas of concern. (I personally have a database with nearly three decades of data, and Quicken launches and creates backups quite quickly.) It might help for you to start a new discussion topic about this, so other users experiencing similar issues might see it and join in. It would be helpful to know some basic information:
    • What model Mac are you using?
    • What version of macOS?
    • What version of Quicken Mac?
    • How large is your Quicken data file?
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