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    I would like to pile on here as I have not seen an answer (that works) posted anywhere in quicken. I, also have used quicken "forever" and am very familiar with renaming rules. But I, too, think there is some sort of bug here. If you look at the attached, there are two transactions list, one for Epic Shine and one for Arby's. Both of these, as you can see, have "ID" (for Idaho) in the original clearinghouse name. These BOTH (and many transactions before them) came in renamed to "ID Tax Return". I have NO renaming rule for ID Tax Return, yet this continues. I even search historical payee's for years back...never has their ever been an entry where Payee was "ID Tax Return".

    When I click the edit button, I can easily default them back to their original name, but this is becoming a pain as virtually every local business I use my credit card on has their biz name, ending in "ID" in it.

    I could be wrong, but something is amiss since a recent release/update (maybe in last month???) of quicken. I never had this problem before the last few weeks. And in reading other posts, I "HIGHLY" doubt the clearinghouse is stuffing this name into the transactions before downloading (else, how could I be reverting the names using "edit" button on the transaction?

    Oh (important): I should add that after I accept the transaction, even after reverting the name, I get a pop up asking if the transaction is a "...payment of taxes for tax year 2020..." VERY Strange (see second posted image).
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    If this option is on, try turning it off.

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    @pklocke I've asked that your post be split to a separate thread.  It's VERY difficult to conduct more than a single conversation in  1 thread.
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