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I'm trying to print to a tab delimited file, but the file is not created.  Oddly, I can see it in recent files.   When I do look in like d:\documents, it's not there.  I tried different drives and directories.  Also, tried print file to desktop.


  • Jim_Harman
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    It appears that you can print the main Lifetime Planner page with the bar chart, but no data is generated when you choose the Export option. 

    If you click on one of the bars in the chart, you can print or export the details for that year. I do not see an option to print or export the details for multiple years all at once. That would certainly be a nice enhancement.

    There is a lengthy list of proposed enhancements to the Lifetime Planner here

    If you would like to see improvements, please review, comment, and vote there!
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    @Scott11 In the link that @Jim_Harman provided there is an idea, in the first post, that asks for a full export of all LTP plan years to excel. 

    For convenience, find it here:

    In terms of a simple workaround today, it is rather tedious - export each plan results table to a file and then combine them all into a single excel worksheet....Doesn't allow for efficient "what-if" reviews for sure...   

    A more complex workaround that a couple of us, including myself, have put together are macros that do this automatically using a combination of a 3rd party macro-recorder and excel VBA.  You can see an example output of this approach in the link above.   This second workaround is produces a relatively quick output and allows for full inspection of LTP plan results.

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    I had come across those, but this seems to be more of a bug as I cannot even get it to print to file...
  • Scooterlam
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    I can replicate this.   Although I have no idea, judging from the print to PDF version,  what the product team envisioned for exporting to a txt or tab delimited file.

    Yes, I would say its a bug.    Go into Quicken, select Help>Report a Problem and reference this thread.

    To recreate the steps....

    1.   Select Planning>Lifetime Planner tab
    2.   Select File>Print Lifetime Planner
    3.   Select Export to Txt file, Name, & Save.
    4.   See saved text file in Quick Access window  but find it missing in actual folder.
    5.   Clicking on saved file in Quicken Access window results in what is shown below (expected since it was never saved on the HD).
    5.   Print to PDF works fine.

  • Chris_QPW
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    I would probably more call it "never implemented" opposed to a bug.
    The dialog for printing is just the standard dialog, but it seems they have never put in any code for exporting to a text file.  And I can really sort of see why because if you print to PDF you will see that you basically get the image/information on the main view.  Which is hardly useful if you are trying to find out what the details are.

    If you instead click on a column in the graph and print from there to a file (.PRN is the same as a .CSV, just change type in XXXX.CSV when saving the file) it will print the year's information in a useful format.
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