Scheduling a transaction enters it NOW not on the scheduled date.

I have two regular income transactions that I have previously scheduled. One day I mistakenly fell prey to the memorized transaction list and said yes...enter these now. But they were for the NEXT month. So my checking balance was wildly out of reality.

But there seems to be no way (and it used to be so simple) to just delete the transactions and reset the date for the next deposit.

I've had to completely remove this and all future reminders AND when I try to put it back in the system, even though I've set the date for the next entry to the end of the month, the moment I OK my way out of this, it goes ahead and records a deposit. It uses the correct date, but STILL makes my balance out of sync with reality.

I've had to set an outlook reminder to recreate these things on their due date.

This is what my Dad (God rest his soul) would call a pimple on the backside of progress. What am I missing? Is it really this difficult?


  • Jim_Harman
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    I don't know what you mean by falling prey to the memorized transaction list, but once a transaction in in a register, you should be able to delete it by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete or hitting Ctrl-D. 

    As far as editing a reminder is concerned, if you select the reminder and click on the arrow next to Enter or Pay, you should get an Edit this instance and all future instances option. Do you not get this?  

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  • APOst
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    Unless i missed something very obvious I was unable to delete the transaction without affecting all future transactions as well. I'll try it again using the method you described.
  • APOst
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    Tried it again, by making a bogus monthly income deposit scheduled to happen on the 28th of every month. When I've set it up, and click done, it records this months deposit, which is not due for weeks. So...balance is off of reality.

    I cannot Ctrl-D to delete, nothing happens.

    If I right click I can
    A) "delete this instance and all future instances" thus removing it from schedule all together.
    B) "Skip this Instance" which WILL delete the too soon entry, but will not make another until the end of the following month.

    So the only way I see left to get this back on track, is to create the scheduled deposit on the very day I want the deposit to happen.
  • Sherlock
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    I suspect you may have set the account register to show reminders: open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + N, select Reminders to show in register > Don't show reminders