problems setting up RBCbank US with US Quicken

I've tried repeated attempts to add my RBC Bank - Online Banking to my US Quicken. Each time I get an 'Oops. Did you mistype your login?' with suggestion I have incorrectly entered login or to reset password. I have retried and even reset password to no avail.

I notice that Quicken shows the RBC website as and when I link, it is taking me to the Canada site for RBC. I am in FL. I believe the US site is


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    Hello @User in Tampa

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue although, I apologize that you have not received a response.

    I have taken a look at the website and while  is the Canadian site, that site also offers a toggle to the US site. The URL listed is not always the one used to connect.

    Have you tried connecting through any of the other options listed in the bank list? If so and you get the same response, I would recommend contacting RBC? 

    Financial institutions may require an enrollment or special login to connect. 

    Please let us know what you find!
    -Quicken Tyka

  • User in Tampa
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    Tyka, the other RBC options do not work and the obvious one is Online Banking which was my first chouice. Others appear to be investing related.

    On the point on special access required by Bank, I was able to successfully connect, add, and download transactions using account. They identify as "RBCBank - USA". No issues with [Removed]

    To restate, I am using Quicken US version to access the US based RBC accounts which are in $US.
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    @User in Tampa I've been digging thru my copy of FIDIR.TXT (a Quicken program file that lists all of the banks that have agreements to download into Q).
    All of the listings for either RBC or "Royal Bank" appear to point to that Cdn website.
    SO, I believe that it's up to RBC to inform Quicken/Intuit of what info should be used to connect Q US to RBC US.
    Only RBC can provide that info.  Try contacting them to explore the issue.
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    My communication with them was not too successful. At first they thought I wanted to download statements and when explained and asked for escalation to their Online Banking support, the response was that it is not supported due to potential for fraud. This even though I shared with them that RBC allows connection for other RBC services. I didn't get anywhere - no issues since I have many other choices for US banking that work.
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    I'm also not giving a high score to Quicken to help resolve. I had hoped that with this new subscription based model, Quicken would go the extra mile to identify and resolve with financial institutions directly to ensure that customers would not be placed in the middle to solve problems with banks relating to Quicken when often those support staff are not aware of what Quicken is or how it works.

    To see that an advertsiing based solution like [removed] has been able to solve with banks such as RBC US points this out.
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