Quicken past transaction corrupted/shows up twice during reconcile months later

My quick seemed to have experience data corruption from the new version (despite me having deleted my cloud sync and turned off ALL cloud sync settings). I did a backup restore which initially appeared to fix issues but coming back to reconcile this month I yet again had an irregularity in cleared/reconciled balance from months ago (that was not there the last two months I reconciled my books).

Spending an hour painstakingly hand comparing online transactions vs. quicken transactions, I tracked it down to a single transaction that was somehow corrupted/bugged and showing up TWICE in the transation registry. When I deleted one of the two duplicated, it deleted both transactions as well as an adjacent transaction on that same day I had to manually add back (serious what the heck going on there). Clearly this is some sort of transaction register bug!!!

To Quicken team: Please prioritize/improve your automated testing and release QA. I'm paying for the software so I don't have to do painstaking hand math. If your users can't trust your program, all of a sudden blocked from reconciling the latest bills, and have to spend hours manually comparing/hunting through thousands to historical transactions to see where a bug has corrupted the data, then they'll start to question the value of Quicken.

Just last month go I had to completely revert and throw away a month's worth of data due to corruption from a version update, which I'm pretty sure was a quicken update bug but someone renamed the title to "syncing issues" just because that was the first suggested solution (likely because they didn't like my more accurate request of "Please stop breaking historical transactions with updates Quicken!!!")

I was already really annoyed at last month's update data corruption, and without some good customer support/service here I'm going to start looking at other more modern cloud-based solutions and likely migrate off of quicken first chance I get.