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It would be nice to be able to record a macro function and assign it to a function key for repetitive operations on individual transactions ( calculating and recording sales tax in split categories )
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  • NotACPA
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    Since my state doesn't have a state income tax, I'm allowed to deduct my Sales Tax on my Federal tax return ... so I could be interested in this.
    The problem would be that no all things are taxed at the same rate.  Some purchases have 0 sales tax, groceries have a 6.25%  rate and other taxed things have a 9.25% rate.
    SO, I'm not sure how the macro would work that's significantly easier than simply memorizing my recurring transactions (e.g., groceries, where we also buy prescription meds, gasoline, and other items) with a Sales tax split line with no amount.
    Accordingly, for now at least, I can't vote for this idea.
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