Wells Fargo no longer supports Bank Mail



  • WhatAmIMissing
    WhatAmIMissing Member ✭✭
    Well, here we are, July 6, and the message keeps popping up after the "Don't show this message again" check box has been selected dozens of times!
  • KennedyJ
    KennedyJ Member
    If y'all will follow the instructions you'll be rid of the message. Tools/Account List/Edit on checking account(s)/Online Services tab/Bottom section "Online bill payment"/set Online Bill Pay to "off".
  • KennedyJ
    KennedyJ Member
    BTW, one day y'all are going to be mad when Quicken comes out of the 80's. No more 80's technology nostalgia. (I'm being sarcastic, but as a 30 years Quicken user I'm frantically looking for something else so I can finally ditch this antiquated "program". I still have original "floppies")
  • Jeff Skelton
    Jeff Skelton Member ✭✭
    Turning off online Bill Pay doesn't fix it. Tried it and all the other solutions from all comments. STILL WAITING FOR QUICKEN TO COME UP WITH A FIX.
  • Michael 34
    Michael 34 Member ✭✭
    Kennedy J. I am using Quicken Premier, latest version 6.2.2 with MacOs 11.4 and I have no "tools" tab to be found anywhere on my bank checking account page within Quicken. Is it on some other page? What version of Quicken do you use?
  • Valley View
    Valley View Member
    After every update, I receive a message about Wells Fargo. I've clicked on "don't show me this massage again," to no avail. How can I get rid of this message?
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