Quick Pay design flaw - payments fail

I am extremely frustrated with what seems to be a serious design flaw in Quick Pay. The problem is that Quick Pay refuses to make a payment to a biller shortly after another payment to that same biller, even though the amount is different.

Sometimes I get a message saying “Your payment has been canceled because [the credit card company] has indicated you recently made a payment. The payment was canceled to ensure that you do not double-pay.” That might make sense if I had made two payments in the same amount. But the second payment was of a totally different amount.

How could that be “double-pay”? Moreover, I have called the credit card company, and they have no record of payments refused. This is a Quick Pay problem, not a problem with the biller.

 Yesterday I had a variant: the message was “Quicken was unable to process your payment because [the credit card company] will not accept your [XYZ Bank] account ending in XXXXXNNNN as a method of payment. Your payment has been canceled.” That is even more nonsensical. The credit card company has been accepting payment from XYZ Bank for years, and indeed it did so the day before. And a call to the credit card company confirmed that they had no record of declining payment.

This is frustrating on so many levels. First, I switched to Quicken only recently.  [Removed]
Second, Quicken counts the failed payments toward my quota, and will not give me additional payments to make up for the ones that failed.

Third, Quicken refuses to acknowledge its responsibility in any way – it keeps shifting the blame to the credit card company or the bank.
Has anyone else had this problem? It is a design flaw in Quick Pay – perhaps related to the fact that you can’t make one payment until the next has cleared.[Removed]