Budget Notifications/Alerts (email and push notifications)

I strongly feel the need for "Budget Notifications/Alerts" would be greatly beneficial.

When you create a budget for let's say, restaurants of $200/month. You would have the options to check box and get email and/or phone push notifications, when you are at 75%, 90% and 100% of your budget through out the month. Having the option to get real time budget notifications/alerts directly to my phone and apple watch would be incredible.

What is also important about this suggestion, is the options to choose the budget category you want notifications for. Because I know I don't want notifications for all my budgets, just my danger spending categorize.
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  • cbarn
    cbarn Member
    I was looking for this feature and was surprised it doesn't already exist. I think this could be a pretty simple implementation, actually - there's already an option in the "Alerts Center" under "Banking" to track "Monthly Expenses", which requires that you manually input a spending limit for the categories you want to track (the ones you don't care about you can just leave blank). All we'd need in the interface is a checkbox on each category line for "Track to Budget"; the logic would just need to pull in the number for that month from the budget rather than a manual input.

    Could Q support please consider this function? Thanks!
  • TheChardo
    TheChardo Member
    I agree. This feature should be standard. My subscription is up next year, and if they don't have something like this before then, I will not renew. It's easier for me to track it myself than have to log in and go through several screens to check.