How to correct multiple errors in a file from .qif downloads

Doug J
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I have a 401k that will only download in .qif format. I used that to download approximately 3 years of transactions. Unfortunately, many of the transactions did not download a share price for the mutual funds and therefore assumed it to be $1 a share (some actually have no share price, but most are $1). Hundreds of these errors occurred and will take a very long time to manually correct. Is there a way to export the data to Excel, manipulate it to include the correct share price and re-import it? It is not an issue with the share price history, since some transactions on the same day have the correct share price and others have the $1 per share. Looking for a faster way to correct this than fixing each entry by hand. Thanks.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally I would suggest starting over from a backup before you did the import and edit the QIF file.  It is a text file.  The format isn't great for editing, but it is much easier than trying to do it in Quicken, and if you export to Excel the only way back in is QIF so you are basically back in the same loop.  What's more you would be removing the existing transactions in Quicken anyways so that you don't duplicate them on the import.

    You can find the QIF format here:

    And as a tip of seeing how it might look for an example you can enter a transaction in Quicken and then export just that day out and see how Quicken formatted it.

    Another approach if you can get the transactions in Excel/CSV mode might be to edit that, and then use my program to convert it to QIF format for importing.  But be aware of the fact that isn't for faint of heart, since there isn't any standard on the "action" term or even what columns you have for the different prices you have to first map all the Excel/CSV columns to QIF fields and at when it is converting the data file it will prompt you for what each action should be mapped to.  You can find ImportQIF here:
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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