Unhappy with Quicken

Thought Quicken was a great product until Intuit sold it; the following year the quality nosedived. When I purchased the latest version (back then), it screwed up currencies, made reconciliations a nightmare, and more. Every time I think about upgrading I ask myself why would I pay for a later version of a poor product from a company that could care less about the customer's experience. Will probably switch the QB even though it's not meant for individuals, just because it's such a superior product.

OK, that's my venting. Done.


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    QB doesn't support investment accounts.
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    There is also the minor difference in price.  Premier Plus 2021 $299.99 per year (well sort of).  You see that $499.99 is crossed out and search for the ** after the price and guess what there isn't any explanation of what that means!  Most likely "for the first year".  Don't worry you can pay a one time price of $649.99.

    Of course you can go with the online version.  "Simple Start" is $12.50 a month (again with that scratch out double price of $25 a month).
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