No question - This is a statement of a recurring issue with Navy FCU

some time ago, I reported an issue with NFCU having changed their login to a two factor authentication.  The initial result of this was to prevent NFCU from downloading transaction data when using OSU.  The use of Update Now, however worked.  After several weeks, the issue was resolved and NFCU downloaded correctly with OSU.  NFCU worked fine until Quicken update to R33.22. After installation of this update, NFCU stopped working  I now receive error code CC-506 and the only way to download transactions is manually from the NFCU Site.

And while I am at it, the issue with USAA FSB remains unresolved.  OSU works but randomly downloads as new previously reconciled transactions.  It does not download all just a couple or so.  Matched transactions function properly.


  • Steven S Bowen
    Steven S Bowen Member ✭✭
    I do not know how large the NFCU user base is but it seems every time Quicken rolls a baseline OSU users have problems. Rather than ask users to "keep trying every few days" I wish that they would own the problem and inform users how to proceed once the problem has been resolved.
  • johnodrake
    johnodrake Member ✭✭✭
    I couldn't agree more!  I suspect that the NFCU user base is quite large.  I believe that NFCU is the largest Federal CU
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Personally I think it is hard for Quicken Inc to "own" the NFCU problem.  Of course it really depends on where the failure is, but Express Web Connect has this flow:
    Quicken -> QCS (Quicken Connection Services/syncing with the cloud data set) -> Intuit server's -> Financial institution's website.

    When the financial institution changes something like the way you log in depending on what changed there might have to be changes all the way through this path.  And as you can see it is in fact the Intuit servers that actually connect to the financial institution's website.  From what I can tell most of the time where most of the changes have to occur are in Intuit's "scripts", which at times also needs them to work with the financial institutions to get it fixed.  Intuit has a "agreement" with the financial institution on how to get the data, and clearly if the financial institution changes things, then the "agreement" has to be revisited.  Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service, but just like you are a customer of Quicken Inc, they are a customer of Intuit. They can request Intuit to do something, but they certainly can't force them, or more exactly force a given timeframe on when they will work on it.  And Frankly they (Quicken Inc) aren't a great position.  Given the extensive work it would take to go to another "aggregator" it isn't like there is much of "stick" to tell Intuit fix it or we will leave kind of incentive.

    On the subject of USAA, that is a Direct Connect which is:
    Quicken -> USAA OFX server

    And the OFX protocol is a standard and hasn't changed in years.  Bottom line is all the problems with duplicate transactions in the credit cards and a few minor problems like sending 0 for the check number in the checking account are absolutely USAA problems. Quicken can't "fix them".  And again Quicken Inc can "ask, please fix this" (just as you as a customer of USAA can), but they can't force them to fix it.

    There is something else I would mention about how large of a customer base NFCU is.  You are probably right in the fact that NFCU users are probably a large customer base for Quicken.  But what this doesn't take into account is that Quicken users are definitely a very small user base of these financial institutions.  Therefore the priority these financial institutions are going to put on getting problems with Quicken fixed, is probably pretty small too.
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  • johnodrake
    johnodrake Member ✭✭✭
    In this case, I believe that something in the R33.22 release broke the connection between Quicken and NFCU.  The OSU worked fine (after initial issues when NFCU went to two factor authentication) up until R33.22 was installed and then it broke and is still broken.  I am now only able to download transaction data by going to the NFCU site and selecting download from the specific account I want to get data from.  The download is in QFX Webconnect for Quicken format.
  • Dale G
    Dale G Member ✭✭
    @johnodrake, I have r30.21 and I've been receiving CC-506 for four days now for Navy FCU. I'm about ready to give up, de-activate and re-activate.
  • Chuck M
    Chuck M Member ✭✭
    I am experiencing the same issues with NFCU using Express Web Connect. It has been horrible for the last month. In the latest iteration, deactivation/reactivation has become dangerous to my financial data. "Looking for NFCU accounts' results in message to effect your accounts have (somehow?) been closed and are not accessible for linkage. Along the way, MFA goes haywire and needs multiple repeats. I have 20 years data at risk. Always back up. Update transactions either manually or via old Web Connect process until there is a serious fix with NFCU Express Web Connect. I too suspect Quicken has low priority with NFCU and NFCU Quicken users are a small minority of customer base. Sad. I have been a member since 1970.
  • Dale G
    Dale G Member ✭✭
    I've had CC-506 error for about four days, submitted the problem report. I de-activated all my NavyFed accounts and re-activated them yesterday. OSU is OK now.
    BTW, Navy Federal CU is the largest credit union. They serve all branches of the military, have branch offices at or near most major bases domestically and worldwide. I have several other credit unions. Navy Federal has the fewest problems overall with Quicken and OSU.
  • Frankx
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    For those who are still having problems with NFCU downloads, I suggest that you follow the guidance located in this LINK and reset all of your NFCU accounts.  This was successful for me and my accounts are downloading properly now in OSU.

    If you are still having these problems, I suggest you do the "reset".

    And yes - NFCU is the largest credit union in the world by far.


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