Bill minder recurring error

When I try to change a bill reminder from a 6-week interval to yearly, the Bill and Income Reminder list displays the How Often as Every 6 Years.
When I try to delete and create new, the default is to grab one with the same Payee (also at 6-weeks) during the create sequence, yielding the same problem.
To solve this, I then have to first set the erroneous bill reminder to, for example, a 1 week interval, then set it again to a Yearly.
This reminder time interval seems to be a formula constructed of the numeric value multiplied by the time interval.
So during an edit of existing bill reminder, there seems to be a residual memory in the coding, 'remembering' the numeric interval and then entering that as the default 'multiplier' in the updated time interval, rather than directly recreating the formula from scratch. Trying to change both components simultaneously, it seems to not understand.
Although the program is obviously trying to be helpful, this two step adjustment is annoying....any way, as an end user, to fix that coding?
Thanks for any insights.


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    You have indeed encountered a bug. If memory serves, it's a pretty old one which was reported years ago but never fixed. You are correct that the numeric interval is being erroneously retained when switching time frames. You can see it if you switch from every 6 weeks to yearly and then back to weekly without closing the dialog; the 6 is still there. You just have to work around it as you have already discovered.
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