how do i link my schwab account to quicken

I want to link quicken to my schwab account


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    As long as you have access to your Schwab account with a User Name and Password using your browser, then it is simple to connect Quicken to your Schwab account/s.
     Go to the Quicken menu Accounts/New/Investments/nnnnn and pick the type of account you have with Schwab and click.  Then follow the requirements asked by Quicken finally using your User Name and P/W.
    When Quicken makes the connection with Schwab you will see your Schwab account name on the left of the window presented with the option to "LINK" that Schwab name to your Schwab account name in Quicken .
    That should get you connected.
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    rdl said:
    I want to link quicken to my schwab account
    have you tried this - Add Account - and received an error ?
    What Version and Release of Quicken ..... --> Help --> About Quicken
    note... the STARTER version does not support Investments

    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
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