Feature Request: Add Connected Account Support for Lively HSA and Ollo Card

Two of the financial institutions I use don't have connect options and I'd love to see them made available!

Lively HSA (livelyme.com) offers a Health Savings Account with no annual fee (fairly unique), no opening balance requirement, TD Ameritrade investment options, and a Visa Debit for eligible purchases (eg. I use it for Amazon Pharmacy and some Amazon.com purchases).

Ollo Mastercard (ollocard.com) is a straight forward "no XXX fee" (annual, over the limit, returned payment, or foreign transaction fees), "no rate hike with late payment", and "automatic credit line increase reviews" card made available to those with poor credit (hooray COVID pandemic!) - it has few benefits but otherwise it's a great card for use if you pay your balance in full every month for avoiding interest and (re)building your credit history.
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