Will Quicken be reimbursing users for time the service doesn't work?

Will Quicken be reimbursing users for time the service doesn't work? My credit union transactions have not been able to download for a month. It is an ongoing problem with no ETA for resolution. So, I've paid for a service I can't use.


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    YES. And at the exact same hourly rate that you pay to use Quicken ... $0.00
    And, why can't you use Q for manual input?  MANY users have only that option, because their Financial Institutions don't support Q.

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    WHY is it only Credit Unions ?

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    Ps56k2 said:
    WHY is it only Credit Unions ?

    Probably they all use the same company to supply their software.  When it breaks for one, it breaks for all.
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    @NotACPA. Why do you come across as so condescending sometimes? Users are frustrated because they're loosing data that they depended on being correct but Quicken is screwing it up after it was correct once upon a time. I would think in your position as a support representative you could be a little more empathetic. Instead you make comments that just add fuel to the fire. I'm sure all Superusers and Moderators are tired of all this, so are the users, and we're paying for this privilege, but all we can do is suck it up, try to be sympathetic and empathetic, try to help each other by trying to stay positive and helpful. Many are burning out, but if dealing with users is becoming too difficult for you, take a break for a while. Anold woman once told me, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen". We all have to try to be nice to users.... help them! You've done so much to help people, but I think if you can't say something respectful or nice, then maybe you shouldn't say anything at all. I'm not being nasty, I just think you don't know how you sound sometimes.