continual error messages after I back up Quicken

Unable to load source file
Unable to load current file after copy
Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application. Please close that application and try again.


  • Greg_the_Geek
    Greg_the_Geek SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is the full path to the folder that contains your Quicken data file on the hard drive? Are you using OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Backup?
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  • Janisdee
    Janisdee Member
    Gregg, I tried to reply to your email to send the full path, but email was returned as undeliverable. I'm using DropBox backup. I don't want to post the path publicly. Other suggestions?
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Your Q data file should ALWAYS be stored on your hard drive ... NOT on Dropbox, OneDrive or any other networked drive.
    Q lacks the "Lock", "Commit" and "Rollback" commands that would enable networked devices to be safely used.
    All that you need it for your network connection to hiccup while you're doing a write to the data file for your file to become irretrievable toast.
    Are you disabling Dropbox while you're doing the Q backup?  Because Q forces a close at the start of the backup to insure that all data is written to the data file.  Dropbox, and others, grab the data file during this brief closure and prevent Q from re-opening it.
    Set DropBox to copy the backup that Q creates ... rather than the Q data file itself.
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