One-Step Update isn't one step by any means

After decades of using Quicken, the one-step update function now is requiring multiple steps. Once entering the update password, the one-step dialogue box doesn't remember or retail the settings from the previous use. I have to manually check the boxes, click on the "apply" button and then, finally, tap the "update now" link. Doesn't matter if I want to do an update a minute, hour or day later, I have to repeat the same process. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Mark1104
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    what version of Q are you using? 

    Your description is not what I experience.  Once I click one step update, I do enter the password and click update... if I subsequently update again - without closing out of Quicken, I don't have to re-enter the vault password.  all my settings are retained from prior sessions. 

    I am using the most updated version of Deluxe.  
  • splasher
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    You might want to re-install Quicken as something is preventing it from remembering your settings.
    See these instructions for using QCleanUI. QCleanUI - Clean Uninstall
    You will need to login at to download the Quicken installation program.

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