Intuit TurboTax and Quicken in 2021

From personal experience: Just a word to hopefully save someone some agony. IF up for Quicken RENEWAL this year, please beware of a potential issue with TurboTax 2020 (post April updates) and a Quicken renewal. Somehow Intuit's product interfered with the Quicken ID processing of Quicken for me in May of this year where I was unable to (post renewal) re-associate my Quicken ID with my extensive data file. The process of debugging involved Quicken support ** which was unable to resolve the issue ** (at that time we had not been able to associate the cross product issue), the ticket was closed and I was left inoperable. I have since personally been able to uninstall the Intuit product and re-associate my data file to my Quicken ID, BUT that isn't the end of the story. Somehow, either by way of the debugging with Quicken Support OR just the general failed re-association attempts made prior, my Password Vault was rendered unusable. I attempted resetting, and finally deleting the vault with the intent of re-creating it. Despite 'success' messages, I was never able to perform either action. The final resolution - pull a month old backup from my archives. So - moral of the story: Make a backup **THE DAY BEFORE your RENEWAL **. I cannot say you will suffer the same experience, but maybe I can be responsible for saving someone the pain of the same extended downtime and subsequent debug process. GOOD LUCK.

LOL I was so annoyed I posted it with the Intuit TT year!! Please note this was 2021!