Bill Reminders have Stopped Automtically Entering

There are several discussion about this, but it s STILL broken. This worked for years.
Bill and Income Reminders shows reminders that should have automatically entered weeks ago.
R32.12 27.1..32.12


  • There should be a button on the list to just enter the Reminder. This is a major convenience of Quicken, which instead has become an annoying inconvenience.
  • Actually, I now find NO WAY to get the reminder to enter. I have one set to enter 45 days in advance, dated Jun 8. It is sitting in the list, and I cannot get it to enter into the registry. Hitting Edit and Done NO LONGER WORKS.
  • OK. Double-clicking on the reminder gives a screen with an Enter button.. So now, something which used to happen automatically with no clicks, requires a click to bring up the list, a double-click on each transaction, and Enter on each transaction.
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    Please note that the Community isn't a Chat system. Other Community users or Quicken personnel will answer your question when they see it and know how to answer it.

    As to Auto-Enter reminders with a long "Enter [xx] days before due date" ... if you just added this reminder and it's due less than [xx] days into the future, it may not auto-enter until you restart Quicken. Monthly reminders may have issues when [xx] is greater than 28 days. Quicken does not appear to like it when a new iteration comes due before the current one executes.
    If you have Auto-Enter reminders which actually executed, but sit around with a status of Done ... the following procedure may clean them up:

  • Thank you for the clarification, and suggestion:
    Last month, several reminders did not automatically enter, even though they were past their date (after sitting in the list, apparently, for over 45 or 60 days; I never had to pay attention to the list, in the past), and the PC had been restarted approximately weekly (meaning the Quicken had also been restarted).
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