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The scales on the investments graphs are not user friendly. There needs to be user selection as to the graph scale for the horizontal scale (time) and the vertical scale (value). Currently, if an investment is added, the horizontal scale starts at one year prior (the smallest time to adjust offered). This leaves a large blank spot on the left of the graph. On the vertical, the scaling is not user adjustable other to start at 0. Small market changes are not visible because of the scale.

The user should have 100% control over the scale of the horizontal and the vertical. This would make the Quicken investment tool a better product and more in tune with other investment products.
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  • zx9r
    zx9r Member ✭✭
    Even if not user selectable, I'd like to see grid lines at more reasonable numbers. Why have y-axis grid at points like 856,000 or even 999,000 instead of 900,000, 1,000,000? Very simple algorithm to do so... But better yet would be to Excel like control of min, max and grid spacing