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Tom in MN
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Every month I have to hit enter approx 14-16 times for EACH of my four kids 529s for the monthly fees.

It's bc you insist on asking about the cost basis method.

Let the "accept all" button work! 

If the developers could just allow us to opt for "FIFO" or "least gains possible" as default methods for example it would solve the problem.


Tom in MN

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Depending on what you want for the lot assignment, I believe this has already been implemented.

    Edit -> Preferences -> Downloaded transactions -> "Lot assignment after investment download, select Settings...

    If you want a different lot assignment, I believe that there is another Idea thread about that.
    Hopefully someone will post a link to that one.

    (Note that I use Automatic Add Transactions so this doesn't apply to me and as such I might be misunderstanding the request.)
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Take a look at the setting at Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions > Lot assignment after investment download.

    For each account you can enable automatic lot assignment and then pick whether to use FIFO or LIFO.

    The Help is somewhat confusing.

    Please let us know if this solves this problem for you.
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