Reconcile totaling cleared items incorrectly

I am trying to reconcile a credit card account. It reports an excess amount ($154.00) cleared. I have 1 payment of $154 which is my monthly payment on this card. What is going on? I have double checked the statement and what is cleared in quicken as well as any old transactions that may not have cleared and nothing.


  • cnd1010
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    Now the payment showed up twice in the checking account I paid from. I deleted the uncleared version. Now the cleared version does not show up in the credit card account even though it is categorized as going into that account. I've been doing this for years and all my account "transfers"/payments have always worked fine. What broke? I have the latest version of Quicken.
  • UKR
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    If this problem is about the monthly payment of the credit card transaction:
    Is there a Scheduled Reminder to help make that payment?
    If yes, is that reminder set to execute in the Checking account and is it defined as a transfer from your Checking to your Credit Card account (Category = [name of credit card register} enclosed in square brackets)?
    If yes again, for best results, this reminder should be executed a couple of days before the payment is due. When transactions download from both the Checking account and the credit card account, Quicken should be able to correctly match any downloaded transactions to the already existing register transactions and not create any duplicates or any other problems during Reconile.