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There are two identical charges to a USAA credit card that occur monthly. One is for me, one for my wife, but both are identical as posted to our credit card. They have always posted correctly in the past, but today only one would download. I hope Quicken, in an effort to eliminate the ongoing problem with downloading duplicate transactions from USAA, hasn't "over corrected" and eliminated downloading legitimate duplicate transactions.


  • splasher
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    There is a field in the download for each transaction that should make them unique, it is called FITID, you can look at in the OFXLOG file (Help menu).
    It sounds like USAA has changed something in their download that does not make these two transactions different.
    Some credit cards had this problem in the past so that multiple purchases (think Starbucks) for the same price on the same day would mess up since they were only using price and date (no time) for the FITID.  Mine had trouble with the two gym charges, so I changed CC that was being used to one that didn't have the problem.
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    Are you using Direct Connect or Express Web Connect (look at the top of the register) or in the Account List (Ctrl+A).
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